Application Support & Maintenance


We offer our range of support and maintenance services to customers who either already have a completed application in use or are actively engaged in a bespoke software project. As well as working with businesses whose software is no longer supported, we also support businesses that cannot get the full range of services they require from their existing provider.

Supporting your existing software

If you do not have the source code for your Laravel web app or other bespoke software it is not a problem. We are able to work without any documentation at all. So long as we can have access to the application we can help. If desired we can create documentation for you once we have carried out a piece of work. Documentation could include training manuals, set up guides and technical instructions.

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Bug Fixing

Bugs in software can cause a wide range of problems. Some are only slight concerns in that they may only affect the user interface (i.e. what you see on your screen). Other bugs can be much more problematic and make the software unreliable and / or unusable. If you have software that is not working as it should be we will be able to find the root cause and fix the issue.

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Maintain or Extend Your Database

Bespoke software, if not carefully designed to allow for scaling, and databases can eventually reach capacity. If this has happened to you we can work on the necessary extensions to ensure your software keeps working as intended.

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Improving the performance of your application

You may find that over time, the performance of your bespoke software worsens. This is generally due to growth in the number of users, the amount of data that is stored and increasing complexity. As bespoke software is often business critical performance issues can have very significant negative time and cost effects on a business.

If your software has started to struggle we are able to improve it. Not only can our skilled developers immediately alleviate performance concerns, they can create a future-proofed solution that means you will not find yourself in the same situation again.

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Create or re-work integrations for your bespoke software

As your business grows and changes you may wish to integrate your software with new third party systems. We have created numerous integrations and are able to work with you and the supplier of the new system to create a seamless integration.

You may also find that an integration has stopped working suddenly. This is often due to changes to the third party system. If that happens we can realign the integration and ensure you get back the full functionality of your bespoke software.

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We work with various businesses that have bespoke software that is no longer supported by the original provider. The reasons this happens vary from company to company but, whatever the reason, we can help.

We tailor our support and maintenance services to meet individual customer requirements. For specific fixes or upgrades we can provide ad-hoc / project pricing. For customers who require an on-call support team we can provide a monthly contract with associated SLA’s. Development work is offered to support customers at a reduced rate. For customers with an on-going requirement of work we offer bespoke retainer contracts incorporating SLA based support. We can also offer flexibility to add or remove services as required.

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